Terms of cooperation


Orders should be submitted through the online store, e-mail, or letter. From our regular customers, we also accept orders by telephone. The company is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00, email open 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The minimum value of executed orders for both shipping and receiving his own, is  10 UER.

The prices on the website are gross. They are given for units of measure (each, 10p or 100p) and updated on a regular basis.

All technical questions should be directed to the email address pamel@pamel.pl, and we will try to answer them in the framework of technical advisory services on-line.


Goods are delivered by courier Siodemka or the Polish Post. Estimated time of delivery is 1-2 working days. Up to 6 by regulalinu companies shippers shipping price is averaging the prices of various packages in the intermediary concerned. If you download credited an additional fee.
Price postal delivery, VAT will be applied, STA difference in price. Individual prices are shown when ordering. Shipping cost is similar to other companies and is an average of a dozen golden (this is for the impatient who worry about the costs 5 € or 50 PLN.

For orders above  100 EUR shipping is free.

The possibility of receiving: the personal, the Polish Post, Siodemka, Inpost.

Lead time: we strive to for orders placed before 12 o'clock shipment took place on the same day. This applies to the range in stock at the warehouse. In exceptional cases (backlog of shipments in the warehouse, a large number of items in the order) limit for completion may be extended to 2-5 days. If you need to complete the composition, the commercial department will inform you about the expected delivery date of the missing range, but the components are not redirected unless it is agreed with the sales department.

Pamel Company shall not be liable for any loss resulting from the delay of the contract, delivery of components for parameters other than those presented on the website or in a catalog, price changes and incomplete delivery of the ordered quantities. Is not responsible for any interruption in production, loss of profit or indirect losses arising from the failure to appropriate the goods in a given period of time. These restrictions do not apply to situations in which the supply of the goods has been concluded a separate agreement between the company and the client Pamela, which specifies the conditions for the supply and responsibility for their failure.

Pamel's liability for the delivery of defective products is limited to replacement or a refund.

Collection from

When you see the forwarder with the goods, please check whether it arrived without any damage and whether it actually corresponds to the order. A pack should be opened in the presence of the courier only after receipt of payment and delivery. They finally delivered independent of the e-shop companies and couriers may refuse to check shipping before paying. When you check the goods you will find that it is defective, you need to ask the courier to write down the minutes. He can not deny it, and the document will be the basis for a later claim. If the customer does not do, we can not consider the complaint and the damages will be removed at the expense of the customer. In this case, the courier company responsible for loss, loss or damage occurring during the acceptance of your shipment until its release.


For solid, reliable customer acknowledge the right to deferred standard 14-day payment period by bank transfer. You can negotiate individual payment deadline.

Przujmujemy prepaid card payments, electronic transfers, traditional.

Wholesale recipients are added to the discount program. For information please contact us.

Warranty and complaint

Goods sold by Pamela are high quality, made ​​by a reputable and reliable manufacturers. Procedures used storage, packaging provide them with adequate protection against damage by electrostatic and mechanical.

Goods sold is covered by a warranty. Pamel's liability for the delivery of defective products is limited to replacement or a refund.

Return of goods

As a consumer you can ask most items purchased at Pamela. Tell the seller to withdraw from the contract (no need to give a reason to withdraw). You got 10 calendar days from receipt of the goods, unless the seller sets on a longer term.

The most important conditions of cancellation:

-according to the Act: "the product should be returned in the same state, unless a change was necessary in the ordinary course of business".

-the product is a standard product is designed, which is not a provision of the characteristics specified by the consumer in the contract, or closely associated with his person.

Concluding Remarks

Note offer presented on the website is informative. The data contained herein may constitute grounds for any claim against Pamela. "

Pamela Company reserves the right to refuse cooperation with businesses and individuals not filling existing payment obligations towards Pamela and entities located in the National Debt Register.


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